Dance film Klasse tracks back to the winter of 1938 in Hamburg, Germany at the height of WWII in an old school classroom kept just as it was during the war. The chairs, the desks, the chalkboards and the solid walls are reminders of the haunting fixity of place against the visceral trace of memories left as records of a tortuous time. The intimate cast of German middle school students and professional dancers brings to life bits of letters written between young classmates as they left Germany one by one on the Kindertransport. 

Director of Cinematography: Malia Bruker
Research, Choreography, Creative Producer: Hannah Schwadron
Performers: Cydney Watson, Crystal Sepúlveda, Amanda Waal, Samuel Aldenhoff, Lenny Bucher, Athena Fahimi Vahid, Helena Fahimi Vahid, Luka Kiwus, Susanne Nazarigovar, Yannick Walter-Krieger, Selin Yasar.
Running Time: 8 Min 

Making of Dance Film, Klasse in historical classroom at the Israelitische Tochterschule with students from the Ida Ehre Schule, May 2015.


School Performances of Klasse with students at the Ida Ehre School, Hamburg, Germany, May 2015

Public Performances of Klasse: Getanzte Zeitspuren (Class: Danced Traces in Time) with students at the Ida Ehre Schule make local news in Hamburg, Germany.

Dancing Exile Movement Workshop documents an dance improvisation session with members of a German language class at the Israelitische Tochterschule in Hamburg, Germany in the building of a former elementary school, designated as a Holocaust memorial site. Schwadron’s grandmother attended the school in the thirties and copies of letters written between her grandmother and young female classmates are on permanent display. The participants in this workshop joining Schwadron are German citizens and political migrants from Afghanistan.

Videography and editing: Malia Bruker and Cesar Lopez

Between I and Thou (2017) enters an improvisation dance workshop in Hamburg, Germany, where a group from Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and the United States moves through questions of migration, relationship, and creative exchange. A hybrid dance and interview format follows participants as they explore a collaborative practice where change is constant and negotiation ever present. 

Cast of workshop participants: Sakhi Poya, Omar Kindy Condeh, Alireza Ghorbany, Zaher Dost, and Hannah Schwadron

Videography and editing: Benjamin Mandos

Original Music: Louis Schwadron

Running Time: 14 min