An Arts Educator in K-12 schools and communities for over ten years, Hannah has worked with students on small and large-scale creative projects that have spanned everywhere from a week, to a summer, a semester, or several years. 

The picture displayed to the right captures student-generated movement material during a dance workshop Hannah led at the Ida Ehre Schule in Hamburg, Germany in 2012. Hannah was invited there by history teacher and project coordinator, Inge Mandos, who learned of Hannah's MFA thesis research on Jewish Holocaust History in Hamburg. Mandos arranged for Hannah to travel to Hamburg for a two-week creative residency, where she would share her performance research with school and public audiences and facilitate a movement workshop for students.  Hannah enjoyed the work with students so much that she incorporated the twenty-five twelve year-olds into her solo performance, expanding key sections of the dance theater work to include ensemble material. The hour-long performance recounted the story of Hannah's grandmother leaving Hamburg on a train through Siberia, and finally to Shanghai, where she met Abe Schwadron, Hannah's eventual grandfather, a saxophone player from Brooklyn, stationed in China with the US army band.  


Love on Mars/Meine Liebe Ursel, Dance Workshop and Performance, Ida Ehre Shule, Hamburg, Germany, September 2012.

Gluck Dance Touring Ensemble, Culver Center for the Arts, 2011, Choreography by Hannah Schwadron in collaboration with company members

Week-long high school choreography workshop, Gluck Summer Camp for the Arts, UC Riverside, 2012

Successful Performance and Workshop with Gluck Touring Dance Ensemble and the 3rd Grade, Spring 2013

As Artistic Director of the prestigious Gluck Touring Dance Ensemble (GTE) for three consecutive years, Hannah choreographed original dance for selected undergraduate dance students at UC Riverside, 2011-13. Together, the GTE presented original works to community organizations, K-12 schools, and retirement homes free of charge throughout the year.

In the picture above on the left, the ensemble performs Lonely Planet, a 20-minute dance work composed of set movement and structured improvisation segments.  In addition to ten performances of the work in an arts education context around Riverside, CA, the piece was invited to show at the elite Culver Center for the Arts, a major local presenter for national and international performance.

Eastside Story, Original dance theater adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, written and performed by the students of St. Elizabeth HIgh School, Directed by Hannah Schwadron, Drama and World Cultures Teacher, Oakland, CA, 2006